Tootsie is  handling the heat wave like a champ! ootsie! At 2-3 years old and 22 lbs., Tootsie has grown into her terrier personality, and she is HAPPY.  According to her foster mom, “If you like terriers you will LOVE this little bundle of joy! She is playful and will literally jump up into your arms after coming in from a long day’s work. She could be a ‘Circus Dog’ star!’” Tootsie is housebroken, cratetrained, and very good on a leash. She’s a fan of people of all sizes and is very loving and happy. Wherever you go, she goes. Tootsie’s energetic and can get a little riled up at play but a good girl and mostly lazes about at home. She gets along with other dogs and lived peacefully in foster down south with a cat that can handle the occasional chase. Plus, she’s got a mohawk and the fearless attitude to go with it. No city noises scare her!

With her wire hair, Tootise would also be great for  a family with allergies. If you are interested in adopting Tootise, please email