It’s time for Alumni Monday!

Our adoption event on June 1st was a scorcher, but this Happy Beginning made it worth braving the heat! Our girl Chance finally found a forever home after more than two years of patient waiting! Thank you to everyone who played a part in this happy beginning, but especially the southern volunteers who watched and kept this girl safe for two years in a Georgia shelter, the folks who got her out and cared for her until she came to us and her adoring Brooklyn foster parents.

Chance’s new mom reports that her human brothers have taken to calling her “Chance Chance Fancy Pants” because she is so spoiled. Dad’s away on a trip? Chance sleeps in the bed with mom.  Trip to the Grandparents’ beach house? Chance gets her own life vest so that she can go kayaking too!

The other night before bed Chance’s oldest human brother said, "Mom, Chancey’s been with us for two weeks but I feel like she’s been with me for my whole life. I think I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real. Thank you for making my best dream come true."

It couldn’t have  happened to a nicer dog or a nicer family. A great reminder about what waits for all of us when we take a Chance.

Top photo by Cameron Blaylock