Poor Christy Turlington was already in bad shape - underweight and covered with ticks - before her body was found pinned under the wheel of a giant pick-up truck. The accident crushed her pelvis, broke her back legs, and left her with a hernia.  No one expected her to live, let alone regain her lower mobility. But after 48 hours, Christy surprised everyone by regaining the ability to digest food. Soon, she saw another dog playing outside and “walked” (dragged) herself over to try to join in. Once the humans around her witnessed Christy’s incredible will to live, they knew they could not let her be euthanized.  Christy is staying at the Vet’s office in Selma, Alabama where she is doted on by doctors and nurses.

In this video, you can see her soaking up some love. This dog is a medical miracle and a real sweetheart to boot!  But the road for Christy is long and her medical bills are mounting.  Badass is committed to helping to fund her surgery, rehabilitation, bringing her up to Brooklyn and finding her the perfect home. Many generous donors have already kicked in some dollars to aid in Christy’s rehab, but we still have a ways to go to reach our goal. Please consider making a donation if you are able.  We’ll be sure to provide you with updates on Christy’s journey to recovery and her future as a Badass.