Boo Bear and Daisy - Adopted Sisters

In the world of dog rescue, it can be very difficult to find a family who is willing and able to adopt two dogs at once. We usually only look for homes together for bonded pairs when we feel like it would be seriously detrimental to split the dogs up. That is the case with sisters Boo Bear and Daisy, a pair who have been raised together since Boo was just a small puppy.

Daisy is a 40lb, 6 year-old Lab/Carolina Mix.  Boo Bear is a 25lb 3 year-old mix of unknown origins. As you can see from the photographs above of the dogs in their NYC foster home, the sisters are seriously bonded. Perhaps you can relate.

If you are able to offer Daisy and Boo a home together - or if you know someone who may be interested - please email