It’s a very special Alumni Monday!  Today The Daily Badass Blog turns one year old!  When I started this blog last October, I never imagined that one year later we’d have nearly 17,000 fans. Unbelievable! Thank you everyone for your likes, clicks, shares, donations, reblogs, etc. You - YOU - make it possible for us to save these amazing dogs and create these happy families!

Today we’re featuring some awesome Alumni dogs who stopped by our Adoption and Fundraising event with The Meatball Shop on Saturday, September 28th. It’s amazing what delicious eats can do for doggies! We had glorious weather and a delightful day full of alumni visits and new Happy Beginnings! Endless thanks to NYC Pet on Driggs, all of our volunteers and friends, and especially TMS and Boylan for donating the treats that made Saturday such a big success!

All photos by Hilary Benas.

1. Badass Alum Alvin Ailey

2. Murphy gets adopted and becomes an instant Alumni!

3. Badass Alum Boone

4. Badass Alum Avon Barksdale (formerly Taurus)

5. Presidawg and Badass Alum Franklin Roosevelt aka Frankie

6. Recent Badass Alum Patrick Henry

7. Badass Alum Polpetta thinks that she is the guest of honor (with a name that means “meatball” how could she stay away?)

8. Badass Alum Justine Bateman stops by to visit her brother Jason Bateman (still available!)